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A Winter Weather Staple.

6 Dec

It is 15 degrees back home today. I am lucky I only have to write about it and not actually try to maintain my life while living in it. With that said, there are ways in which to keep yourself warm and maintain your style integrity. One of the best solutions and a main staple of my Winter wardrobe is the scarf.

I used to work for Kate Kanyon Cashmere and was gifted a bunch of wraps and scarves. Ever since, I have literally lived, traveled and snuggled with one almost year round.

The scarf is  a double purpose pleasure in that it keeps you warm and adds the perfect finishing touch to your outfit no matter the season. When choosing a color, go for primary pop. Peacock blue, Emerald Green, Hermes Orange, Optic White, Black, Marigold & Grey.

Cashmere is my favorite but cotton and wool blends will do the trick as well. The larger the better. Realize when you travel if you have a large scarf (28 inches  by 86 inches or so) you can use it as a personal blanket as well. I do and it has served as the perfect travel companion.

Luella says…Wrap up for the Winter.

Fashion is truly a visual signature. Spice it up this Winter with a scarf.


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