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You Will Always Have Paris.

1 Dec

In February of 2005, I went to Paris to work Fashion Week at the WHO’S NEXT show. I had studied French from 7th grade through college so I was beyond ecstatic to be able to travel to the City of Light.

Most of my time was spent at Le Porte de Versailles where the shows were being held but I did venture out to see La Tour Eiffel, Brasserie Lipp, Café de Flore, Sacré-Coeur, La Seine & Notre Dame to name a few. To be honest, my favorite part was a two hour stroll looking for a specific restaurant I could never find. Paris was the most peaceful city I have ever visited. So still and quiet yet so rich in culture.

I can still remember thinking how lucky I was to be a relatively small town girl, working for a Danish fashion designer flying on business from Copenhagen to Paris. Good times, great memories.

Paris was perfect, or parfait as they say en Français.

I woke up each morning, grabbed le petit déjeuner on my way to the Métro, worked the show and then finished the evening eating oysters from Provence and drinking delicious wine I will never remember the name of.

In retrospect,  I would have loved to JUST be a tourist but I got the opportunity to live the culture  instead of just visit it. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

Below are some amazing vintage Parisian finds from Etsy meant to remind you of one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Luella says…Paris, Je t’aime.

Gorgeous linen backed Art Deco ORIGINAL 1921 ad for the Au Printemps store in Paris

Fabulous Antique Ornate French Pier Mirror Gesso Carvings

Vintage Handmade Heirloom clay tea set


Romantic Country French Antique Sofa With Carvings 1900’s France

Vintage French Continental Princess rotary phone

Large French Silver Metal Swag Brooch Signed

Muslin Ribbon – French Flourish

Antique Silver Tray Oval French Chic

Antique French Carved Bergere Chair

Hand Picked French Lavender (lavande)

Vintage French Carved Hand Painted Chest With Marble Top Paris Chic

Paris Opera Glasses

Crystal Light Bulb Cover

If you haven’t been to Paris, save up your pennies and go.

It truly is a season-less city. Paris in the Summer or Paris in the Winter doesn’t detract from all its splendor.

Go Green.

20 Nov

“The Emerald surpasses in its greenness all green stones, and even the leaves of plants, and it imparts to the air around it a green shimmer.”

Isidorus, Bishop of Seville 640 A.D.

I love the color Emerald. It is the color of the Earth. Of trees and grass and leaves and nature.

In fashion, I love the subtlety of Emerald when paired with primary colors and the way it brings a warmness to my skin tone.

It is timeless so I suggest next time you are shopping,  if you come across a piece in this shade of green, buy it and make  it a permanent fixture in your wardrobe.

Blonde, Brunette or Red hair doesn’t matter because it works for all of us.

It also is a perfect pop color for home decor. A subtle accent on the wall or a simple throw on a bed can make a room have depth. Try it for yourself.

If I had to choose three words to best describe Emerald-Green, they would be warm, rich and decadent.

Luella says…An Ode to Emerald.



After thinking about it,  I realized it also reminds me of Christmas and the onset of the Holidays with Mistletoe and Evergreens.

What does it evoke for you?

What color do you love?

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All the Pretty Little Accents.

9 Nov

To me, home decor is about personal expression. Similar to fashion, one can take the liberty of doing whatever it is their heart desires. A blank wall becomes the canvas, the inhabitant becomes the artist. What a perfect dilemma.

Etsy is a great marketplace for anything and everything decor. I was searching for something unrelated and came across this fine art Polaroid print.

Love is Possible Polaroid print.

It inspired me.

How beautiful would this be in a simple frame perched on a mantle or hanging on a wall? Sometimes the best parts of room decor are the little details and smallest editions.

Below are some more subtle finds I feel would be beautiful to frame and display.

Luella says…Accentuate the Positive.

Mustard and Bloom Fine Art Botanical print.

This Tree Stands Polaroid print.

Rue des Saules in Montmartre fine art print.

Life is an Adventure letterpress print.

Melancholy Blossom photo with water-color overlay.

Keep Calm and Carry On photograph.

9 Polaroids of Paris.

Pearl and Marmalade Limited Edition letterpress print.

In the Light of Day photo using Analogue and Digital Techniques.

California letterpress print.

Peacock Feather Starry Night print.

Whirly Gigs original hand painted print.

La Vie en Rose letterpress print.

Cake letterpress print.

Caribbean and Sky Polaroid print.

All Glory letterpress print.

Tree with a Sea View Polaroid print.

Art Deco Wallpaper print.

Buy it. Frame it. Hang it. Enjoy it. Build your own nest.

Cloak and Sweater.

25 Oct

(Source Vifardent)

Who else loves a warm bath or a spot in front of the fire during the Winter months as much as I do? We have lives though and the reality is we have to go and be one with the world at least 50% of the time. In my estimation, the closest thing to the aforementioned is a perfect, comfy and cozy sweater.

(Source BienenKiste)

Snow is beautiful but it makes “being fashionable” a bit of a challenge. Fear not and simply practice the Art of Layering.

Here is how Luella does it ~

  • wear a camisole/tank underneath
  • add a waistbelt, sash or ribbon belt if possible
  • fold and carry  if too bulky to go underneath an overcoat
  • roll or push up the sleeves
  • NEVER fully button it up
  • add jewelry to enhance
  • finish your Winter look with a scarf

(Source FashionCopious)


“Snow can wait
I forgot my mittens
Wipe my nose
Get my new boots on
I get a little warm in my heart
When I think of winter”

– Tori Amos WINTER


Luella says…Wrap up for the Winter.

What do you love to do in the Winter?

Estee & Aerin says.

20 Oct


I love Peonies. They are one of my favorites flowers. I had them on the tables for our wedding in various ball jars, green depression glass and white hobnail vases. It was so beautiful. When I was creating the aesthetic in my head, I knew I wanted it to be vintage-antique. Truly the less it looked like a wedding, the better.

 I read an article a while back from either Vanity Fair or Vogue discussing New York socialite Aerin Lauder and how she puts on the perfect dinner party for her high-profile friends.


(via Vanity Fair)


The main take away, (besides desperately wanting to be invited) was her quoting her grandmother, Estee Lauder, in saying “One should never have matching china for it looks rented.”

(via blueskybutterflystudio)

 I loved that concept. I decided against following the tradition of picking out a china pattern, and instead collected vintage mismatched dinner plates to use for our head table of 22 people. What could be more meaningful than serving the most important people in our lives on something  we then get to keep with us forever?  



There are a couple of things to remember when doing this.

  • Start well enough ahead so you can space out the research and expense.
  • Make sure you buy plates that are AT LEAST 9 inches across, 10 inches is the best. Vintage china comes in various sizes and I made the mistake of buying plates that were too small to use for dinner.
  • A lot of sellers specialize in china, so research all they have for sale, so if you find more than one, you can combine shipping.
  • Established brands are Haviland, Homer Laughlin, Bristol and my favorite is Spode.

Flea markets, estate sales, Etsy and Ebay are the best resources. I did a little shopping on Etsy for you. Just click on the photos for details.


Luella says…Add a Splash of Significance

 I also LOVE these other items I found while I was searching for the plates. Why not round out your table?

Vintage china plates adorned with modern artist lettering.

Vintage platter with Pink Lady Artist motif.

Vintage Clay Lace Platter (various sizes available).

Vintage patina tray. Perfect for a candle & vase centerpiece.

Vintage Pyrex glass bud vase.


Now each time we throw a dinner party I get to use our plates and watch the significance grow.

Thank you Estee for your clever advice, thank you Aerin for passing it on.

Ode to Etsy & Grandma Janice.

7 Oct


There are certain things you remember from your childhood. Smells, songs, landmarks, old stories; they all serve as reminders of the simplest of times. One of my earliest fashion memories, is of  my Grandmother Janice’s long silver engraved locket. My Grandmother is 100% Swedish and the necklace was a gift from her parents when she was young.

My Great-Grandfather Henning and Great-Grandmother Elsie were both from Småland, which is a province in Southern Sweden. They didn’t meet however until both families had migrated across the Atlantic, worked their way through Ellis Island and set up their homesteads in Providence, Rhode Island. (What a story that is but I will save it for a different post.)



Anyway, the locket seemed magical when I was young. To me, it represented our lineage, it held secrets from a distant time, it potentially had been passed down from generation to generation. Likely it was my youthful imagination that gave the locket it’s lore but nonetheless it is something I won’t ever forget. When my Grandmother wears it now, as she did on my wedding day in June, it reminds me of my childhood. It brings me back and makes me happy.

I sifted through the vintage wares on Etsy and found some beautiful antique lockets and pendant necklaces. They are absolute STEALS!! (almost all of them) Click on the photos to view all the details.


Luella says… Find a Keepsake. 

Vintage Valentine Locket


Vintage Givenchy


Bird and a Book Locket


Emerald & Gold Bird Pendant


Antique Gold Black Bow Locket


Antique Gypsy Wood Beads

Aqua Locket


60's Mod Pendant


Antique Black Mourning Locket


Silver Multi-Strand with Pendant


Antique Peacock Locket


Yellow Magnolia Pendant


Blue Bird and Copper Locket


Antique Georgian Era Necklace


Vintage Lace and Copper Locket


Antique Rose Gold Pocket Watch Necklace


Brass Bird Locket


Carved Art Deco Pendant Necklace


Copper Key and Locket


Start creating a legacy, one piece of jewelry at a time. The best thing about vintage and antique finds is wondering all the places they have been. Now they can become a part of your story.


Home Office sweet Home Office.

5 Oct


“Clean it up John.” – Anthony Kiedis      

My husband’s favorite band is Red Hot Chilli Peppers. On their album, Stadium Arcadium there is a song called Ready Made. Listen to it and let me know what you think. Although John Frusciante is “cleaning” it up musically we should still heed Anthony’s advice.   

 Ok, enough about music.    

A home is a respite but what if it is our office as well? A lot of us nowadays, myself included, fall into this category. If you’re job searching, studying, working from home or just surfing the web it is important to make the space, no matter the size, comfortable and organized. I think it helps breed creativity, passion and focus.   



The basics are a desk, chair, lamp, computer, an all in one printer/fax/scanner, paper, black ink pens, a storage shelf or tower, cork board for inspiration posts, a vase with some fresh flowers and an Ipod docking station. A desk can just be a desk but if you fill it with the right combination of interesting items/inspiring details, it could be the one thing that keeps you striving toward landing the job, finishing the project or finding the perfect pair of shoes.     

Less is more… always. Keep it clean, keep it organized and good things await you.     

Home Office sweet Home Office     



Crate and Barrel




Pottery Barn






Ballard Design
























Pottery Barn








World Market


















West Elm


The Container Store




Room and Board


Ballard Design








Unica Home


Pottery Barn


If you are struggling for inspiration, stop what you are doing and go for a walk or a lap around your house, exercise or read a book. (a real one) You would be surprised what a little fresh air can do to your perspective.   

Sadly, I heard about an old friend who passed away yesterday at the age of 31. Billy Joel was right, “Only the Good Die Young.” Hug your loved ones, be present and grateful.   

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I Do, in June.

22 Sep


J’aime vintage. I got married in June, to a man named Ralph, in my favorite place in the world, my parent’s backyard in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I am now a wife and I have a husband. Crazy but true. I can’t say I spent my childhood dreaming of my wedding day, it was more that I was dreaming of who I would be married to.

Even still, when it was my turn to be a bride, I wanted to plan it like an intimate dinner party. I love vintage as aforementioned and thus was born my theme. Mismatched china, a sideboard to hold our cake, handmade table numbers made of vintage French apothecary and soap labels, ball jars, green depression glass and cream hobnail vases, Lisianthus, Gardenias, Peonies, Green Hydrangeas and Ranunculus flowers, tuxes and candles; essentially “splendor in the grass.”  To accomplish this, let’s just say a lot of DIY, Etsy and imagination.

I knew some things were beyond my control and I left those to come as they may. At the end, it was an evening filled with lovely memories I will keep with me always. It was perfect. Wonderful friends, family, decadent food, drinks, dancing and laughter.  We are blessed. I know I relied on others inspirations to create my own so enjoy! 

(photos by Krystal Muellenberg and Studio Noveau





“Let’s turn to the West, Let’s turn up the music, Let’s hope it’s always as good as this” – Chris Pureka

(Venue: Shully’s Garden Tent, Cake: Sweetness by Alice, Flowers: Esther)

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