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Haute Halloween.

12 Oct


Halloween is almost upon us. Costumes, make-up, parties and candy = I’m in. I will say however; every year I struggle with What to Wear?

While some of us can get into the whole transformation from “Hi, my name is…” to put “sexy” before anything you can think of; I can’t. I studied method acting in college and my teacher always used to tell me, “lose your cool card, become ONE with the character.”

While it was a bit easier for me on stage, picking out a costume is a challenge.  I don’t want to have blood dripping down my face. I don’t want to wear a rubber mask. Isn’t sexy supposed to be subtle? I want to be me, but just dressed up as someone else. You know what I mean?



My solution/mantra every year has been the same. Buy vintage, add in a little DIY and overall less is more. With this in mind, I present costumes to consider for this years festivities.

They are super inexpensive and can be cut, sewn or finished off with fun accessories. Channel your inner Project Runway and make something that is totally you – just portraying someone else. You might even find you can wear it  in the real world after Halloween is over. How do you say perfect in French?


Luella says…Let’s make it a Haute Halloween this year







HUSBAND / BOYFRIEND / PARTNER role: Ship Captain, Skipper


EDIE SEDGWICK - Mod 60's Girl



Gloria Swanson, Marion Davies, Constance Bennett and Jean Harlow OKTOBERFEST Ladies


German Beer Drinking Man, Oktoberfest attendee

BIANCA JAGGER – Studio 54 Girl


HUSBAND / BOYFRIEND / PARTNER role: Mick Jagger, Steve Rubell, Andy Warhol




Let There Be Light.

27 Sep


As much as I love fashion, I love home decor.  I am fascinated by  how much it can change and/or create a space.  For the last 7 years, I have collected various antiques and vintage items and have refinished, re-painted, appliqued, sculpted and DIY-ed them to fit into my aesthetic of beach shabby. I am planning on detailing some of my “finds” in upcoming posts so stay tuned for that.    

Now to the rest of the story. Our friends from Encinitas are renovating their beautiful home.  They have been searching for the perfect chandelier for their master bathroom to no avail. (Can we say luxe? Love it!) She loved my idea of INSPIRE TO FIND and to my absolute delight has commissioned me to seek out some possibilities for her.        

Chandeliers are the perfect accent to any room. They are decadent and purposeful, the perfect combination. Below are some of my favorites. Click on the photo to view more details. I also took the liberty of adding in some inspiration photos of rooms designed in various tastes. Let me know which one is your favorite!          

Let there be light.          


Old World Glamour.           


Neiman Marcus Venetian



Erich Grinder Mansion



Art Inspired.         


 Traditionally Elegant.        


Brocade Home

Anthropologie High Minded



 Beauty at the Beach.        


Jayson Home and Garden Madame Noire



Design Within Reach Murano



Seaside Hideaway.         


Graceful Estate.         


Neiman Marcus Harlow



Jayson Home and Garden Eliza



Art Deco.         


Great Chandelier Jet Black



Ethan Allen Michaela Twelve



Vintage in Virginia.         


A Room in the Manor.         


Neiman Marcus Durango



Jayson Home and Garden Jenny



Art Deco          



Atelier Abigail Athern Neo Baroque



Atelier Abigail Athern Mud



 Scandanavian Retreat.         


Country Cottage Chic.         


Unica Home Venini



Erickson Beamon Glam Rock




I Do, in June.

22 Sep


J’aime vintage. I got married in June, to a man named Ralph, in my favorite place in the world, my parent’s backyard in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I am now a wife and I have a husband. Crazy but true. I can’t say I spent my childhood dreaming of my wedding day, it was more that I was dreaming of who I would be married to.

Even still, when it was my turn to be a bride, I wanted to plan it like an intimate dinner party. I love vintage as aforementioned and thus was born my theme. Mismatched china, a sideboard to hold our cake, handmade table numbers made of vintage French apothecary and soap labels, ball jars, green depression glass and cream hobnail vases, Lisianthus, Gardenias, Peonies, Green Hydrangeas and Ranunculus flowers, tuxes and candles; essentially “splendor in the grass.”  To accomplish this, let’s just say a lot of DIY, Etsy and imagination.

I knew some things were beyond my control and I left those to come as they may. At the end, it was an evening filled with lovely memories I will keep with me always. It was perfect. Wonderful friends, family, decadent food, drinks, dancing and laughter.  We are blessed. I know I relied on others inspirations to create my own so enjoy! 

(photos by Krystal Muellenberg and Studio Noveau





“Let’s turn to the West, Let’s turn up the music, Let’s hope it’s always as good as this” – Chris Pureka

(Venue: Shully’s Garden Tent, Cake: Sweetness by Alice, Flowers: Esther)

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