Listen. Rock. Volume 1

10 Dec

My husband took me to see a band called BRAD on Wednesday at The Roxy in Hollywood. I was totally game as I need every opportunity possible to get out of our house/my office/life center.

BRAD consists of Stone Gossard (yes from PEARL JAM), Regan Hagar, Mike Berg and singer Shawn Smith. It was amazing.

We stood in the second row and watched as they put on a 2 hour show. It was intimate and raw and the music itself stole the show. (The way it ALWAYS should be.)

Shawn took a large portion of the encore to sing some of his solo songs and I was blown away. His voice doesn’t end and borders on classically brilliant.The Roxy was jam-packed and yet you could hear a pin drop. Complete respect for an amazing artist.

He sang on the soundtrack of the final season of THE SOPRANOS in “Long Term Parking” one of the most memorable episodes of the show’s history. It became a mainstay on our favorites list and I am so happy I got to see it performed live.

Luella says…Enjoy for yourself.







This post is meant to be short, sweet and full of sound.

Check out and for info, show schedules and more music to listen to.

Happy Weekend.


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