Back to Life. Back to Reality.

29 Nov

I am on a plane making my way back to Los Angeles after a much-needed escape back home to the Midwest for Thanksgiving. I leave feeling full; literally and figuratively. Full from the massive amounts of food & drink I consumed but also filled with a hearty dose of family and friends.

Our roots are what shape us and help us become who and what we are. Mine start in Wisconsin and  a part of me will always remain where I began.For me, the holidays provide an excuse to eat what I want, have an extra (or three) glasses of wine, laugh, relax and ultimately let my guard down. I realize this is not the case for everyone as families come in all sorts and sizes. My remedy is to focus on the best moments and live in those memories.

As I sit here in turbulence, over the great Western Plains, I realize my transition back into reality today is also a bit choppy.

Maybe it is just the Monday blues or a post-holiday melancholy….either way, I need a little help to restart my reality after the holiday break. 

Luella says…Pass the Cream and Inspiration.

These images provided a respite for me on this hard day back to the grind. I am going to make a considerate effort to find more of these in my every day life.

How do you remedy a moody Monday? I am open for any and all suggestions.


4 Responses to “Back to Life. Back to Reality.”

  1. christina November 30, 2010 at 8:08 PM #

    Love it….no matter where I am or where I end up, I will never forget my roots. Your family plays a large part in who I am today….thank you. It was great seeing you….that house brings back so many memories….smiles, warmth, laughter, tears, naps…I could go on and on….
    Advice from a Tree-
    Stand tall and proud,
    Sink your roots into the earth,
    Be content wih your natural beauty,
    Drink plenty of water,
    Enjoy the view! – Ilan Shamir
    Hope that lifts your mood! much love!

    • Luella says December 1, 2010 at 11:05 AM #

      Right back at you. 24 years and counting. Who would have thought “Four Eyes and Bean Pole” would still be friends after our initial encounter on the playground. I love you. Cheers to 60 more years! xo

  2. everton terrace December 1, 2010 at 3:14 AM #

    Sorry but I love Monday’s – probably because I work from home. I just like the idea of all the promise the new week holds. That ceiling image is remarkably beautiful. Where is it? Gorgeous and don’t even get me started on that puppy.

    • Luella says December 1, 2010 at 11:29 AM #

      I like Mondays too sometimes but I was just suffering from a bit of melancholy after the holiday and having to leave my family. Thanks for reminding me of the right perspective to keep though. I will remember that next time.

      As for the photo, it is of Peterborough Cathedral in Peterborough, United Kingdom. Here is the link for more information. I LOVE architecture so I couldn’t resist when I found this on Tumblr. You can also visit for my Fashion & Life Photo archive. There are MANY stunning images in there.

      Hugs to you ~

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