Pinot Perfect.

1 Nov

To me, Red Wine is like chocolate. Rich, decadent and addicting. I can’t say I always felt that way. I definitely was and still am a true “white wine girl” but when a certain red is good, it is really good.

Of my two favorite red wine varietals, (Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir), I  choose to feature  some suggestions on finding the perfect Pinot.

According to Sunset magazine, there are 6 ways to tell if a Pinot is truly a Pinot.

1. Light in color – Pinot Noir grapes have less pigment than most other reds, it is normal if it appears a bit translucent.

2. Complex flavors

Smells of: Cloves, Cinnamon, Violets, Mint, Mushrooms

Tastes of: Licorice, Espresso, Chocolate, Pepper & Berries

3. Light weight – Rule of thumb is delicacy over impact and silkiness over tannin.

4. Low Alcohol content – below 14% (lower percentages capture the character best)

5. Cool growing region – Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Northern California’s Anderson Valley, Carneros Region, Sonoma, Santa Maria Valley, Marlborough and South Island New Zealand.

6. Flexible food pairing: (dishes you normally drink white wine with) Scallops, Black Cod, Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Roast Chicken and Camembert & Gruyère cheeses.

Luella says…Red please.

To start, our lovely neighbor Laynie gave us a bottle of Pinot Noir as a wedding gift this past July. She had been at the Saarloos & Sons winery and said it was amazing and that we HAD to go when we had the chance. Here is a little bit of what awaits us…

(click on the bottles and images for Wine & Vineyard Information)

SAARLOOS & SONS “Extended Family” Pinot Noir


Los Olivos, CA

(We have not induldged in this bottle yet as we are saving it for a rainy day celebration but I will let you know when we do.)


Now on to the rest of my choices.


South Island, New Zealand

90 points.

ETUDE Pinot Noir

Carneros Region, (Napa, CA)

92 points.


Wairarapa Region, New Zealand

96 points

FOGDOG Pinot Noir

Sonoma Region CA

92 points

ANNE AMIE Pinot Noir

Willamette Valley, Oregon

92 points

A to Z Pinot Noir

Northwest Region, Oregon

86 points


Marlborough Region, New Zealand

92 points


Carneros Region (Napa, CA)

90 points


Willamette Valley, Oregon

90 points.


Our good friend Mason has an excellent wine blog at

He is a wine aficionado and has excellent choices at affordable prices in all varietals, so check him out!!

Indulge in a glass of wine, no matter what, you deserve it.

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