Ode to Etsy & Grandma Janice.

7 Oct


There are certain things you remember from your childhood. Smells, songs, landmarks, old stories; they all serve as reminders of the simplest of times. One of my earliest fashion memories, is of  my Grandmother Janice’s long silver engraved locket. My Grandmother is 100% Swedish and the necklace was a gift from her parents when she was young.

My Great-Grandfather Henning and Great-Grandmother Elsie were both from Småland, which is a province in Southern Sweden. They didn’t meet however until both families had migrated across the Atlantic, worked their way through Ellis Island and set up their homesteads in Providence, Rhode Island. (What a story that is but I will save it for a different post.)



Anyway, the locket seemed magical when I was young. To me, it represented our lineage, it held secrets from a distant time, it potentially had been passed down from generation to generation. Likely it was my youthful imagination that gave the locket it’s lore but nonetheless it is something I won’t ever forget. When my Grandmother wears it now, as she did on my wedding day in June, it reminds me of my childhood. It brings me back and makes me happy.

I sifted through the vintage wares on Etsy and found some beautiful antique lockets and pendant necklaces. They are absolute STEALS!! (almost all of them) Click on the photos to view all the details.


Luella says… Find a Keepsake. 

Vintage Valentine Locket


Vintage Givenchy


Bird and a Book Locket


Emerald & Gold Bird Pendant


Antique Gold Black Bow Locket


Antique Gypsy Wood Beads

Aqua Locket


60's Mod Pendant


Antique Black Mourning Locket


Silver Multi-Strand with Pendant


Antique Peacock Locket


Yellow Magnolia Pendant


Blue Bird and Copper Locket


Antique Georgian Era Necklace


Vintage Lace and Copper Locket


Antique Rose Gold Pocket Watch Necklace


Brass Bird Locket


Carved Art Deco Pendant Necklace


Copper Key and Locket


Start creating a legacy, one piece of jewelry at a time. The best thing about vintage and antique finds is wondering all the places they have been. Now they can become a part of your story.



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